I'm Hannah. I'm a photographer and educator based in Boise, Idaho, where I live with my favorite guy ever and our four little ones.

I started my post-college life as a software engineer, but a few years behind a desk was enough for me: the truth is, I really love people, and it was high time for a change.

I started my photography business right after I had my second baby in 2014, because I thought it sounded a lot more fun than computers. What I didn't expect was to fall in love with a new career path and discover that I am very much a creative.

Hey there!

I create photographs that celebrate the building of a legacy.

I have been so honored to have my work featured on many national publications, including Wedding Chicks, Rocky Mountain Bride, The Fount Collective, 100 Layer Cakelet, The White Wren, The Motherhood Anthology, Whimsically Wed, La Peche Journal, and more. I have both been featured in and written educational articles for The Kindred Path and Lemonade and Lenses Magazine online and in print. I'm forever pursuing my personal best: for myself, for my clients, and for my students.

Really - whether you're about to be a first time parent or you're sending your last kid off to college, all of this is exactly what life and legacy are made of. The way you love deeply and profoundly and sacrificially - for better or for worse and all of it in between - is what keeps me endlessly inspired. Life is beautiful, life is painful, and love is what gets us through it all. 

My gosh, celebrating that is a really big deal. And I'm so dang lucky to be a part of it.

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a few more things you should know: 

I always wanted a big-ish family, and it turns out that four is plenty big enough for me. Parenting is a mix of awesome and weird and annoying and magical, and I am wildly grateful to experience it all. With two boys and two girls, our house is lively to say the least.

I have four kids. It's crazy (the good kind).

I was a software engineer because I loved problem solving, and that carries right on through to photography education:  helping others get from point A to point B, and boost their vision and confidence in the process.

I teach real skills that make a real difference, while cheering my students on. It's the best. Find more details here.

I have a passion for education.

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I want to look good in my photos, and I think you do too. Sure, admitting it feels shallow, but it's true. And in fact, you do look good! But photos are weird, and it takes more than a cute pose to show off an individual in the best way.

Believe it or not, one of my favorite parts of all in the creative process is seeing you and capturing you at your best. Finding favorite angles and showing off incredible features and revealing the beauty already present in every individual is kind of a big deal to me, and I'm proud to make women feel amazing and gorgeous. (And guys, don't worry, I'm looking out for you too.)

I'm inspired by the real beauty of you.

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photos of my family by sean thomas, jenny losee, and myself