Boise, ID photographer
Newborns • Families • Maternity • Couples • Education

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i'm hannah

I'm a photographer and educator based in Boise, ID, where I live with my favorite guy ever and our two boys + two girls.

The most beautiful experience life offers is loving, and being loved in return. Nothing in the world compares to this treasure - and I have the great honor of documenting it in all of its stages. It is truly my dream job, and I adore it!

Since founding my business in 2014, I have relentlessly honed my craft and the experience I offer to each client I work with. My commitment is to always deliver industry-leading artistry and quality. Every penny you invest with me will increase in value each year, as your memories grow foggy yet your photographs are daily reminders of the most incredible moments you'll ever live.

In addition to my time behind the camera, I am also an educator with a mission to elevate the family photography industry. I offer a suite of educational guides and courses, designed to serve photographers of all stages, I also have the privilege of running a coaching program for female photographers. I am particularly passionate about empowering working mothers and female creative business owners, and equipping them with the skills they need to run a thriving business while serving their clients beautifully. I have watched one student after another transform her business, excel in her artistry, achieve a sustainable income, and forever leave behind the hustle for something so much better.

I don't take a moment of any of this for granted. It is truly my passion, my joy, and my honor to celebrate and change lives through photography. I am forever grateful for the roundabout journey that led me here.