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Boise newborn family session

April 6, 2024

Boise newborn family session // by Hannah Mann

I connected with this family because they are dear friends of a wonderful photographer in California who I have mentored and connected with on family, photography, and faith. (If you’re in the Bay Area and looking for a family photographer, find her here!)

This family had just welcomed their fifth beautiful daughter. Because I grew up in a family as one of four girls, I always love seeing families that remind me of my wonderful childhood and watching the all-girl dynamic. These girls were positively wonderful, and all obsessed with their littlest sister. And their two-year-old reminded me so much of my own, Daphne, with so much sass and spunk packed into a tiny body, and her ability to run the show while keeping everyone laughing.

Many families feel pressure to do the typical newborn photo routine – make sure a session happens at home or a studio while baby is 7-14 days old. This is routine for a reason: it works wonderfully! Babies are so sleepy and tiny during that stage, and photograph so well. But the truth is that so many families really aren’t ready for newborn photos quite so early, for a variety of reasons. Personally, by my fourth baby, I was simply overwhelmed and exhausted for the first several weeks, and surviving was all I could give myself to. I was also retaining an inordinate amount of water and looked swollen, and struggling with recovering from a nasty fall right before I was induced.

If you’re in this boat – not ready for newborn photos so quickly – take heart. It is always okay to wait. There are benefits to scheduling early after birth, but sometimes the benefits of waiting win out. There’s no right or wrong! Photos should feel happy and joyful, and you should be ready to celebrate.

Wardrobe notes: I styled this family’s outfits (which I love doing!). Mom’s dress and all daughter’s outfits are from my client closet, with the exception of the sweet green dress on the middle daughter. Everyone who books a full session with me gets free access to my wardrobe, which includes dozens and dozens of gorgeous options for women, children, and babies. I’ve curated this intentionally over time so that busy mothers of all stages have flattering, stylish options that photograph beautifully, at no additional cost. I save families who use my wardrobe hours of time shopping and hundreds of dollars on unnecessary new clothes. After booking a session with me, clients can set up a private wardrobe appointment to try on clothing, and I also work with any pieces my clients own and want to use as well. This service is wonderful, and also always optional.

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Boise newborn family session // by Hannah Mann

I’m Hannah. I’m a photographer and educator based in Boise, Idaho, where I live with my favorite guy ever and our four little ones.

I’m obsessed with photographing families and celebrating the legacy that they are building – the one that is more important than anything else they will ever build in this life. I love capturing my clients at their beautiful best, yet never abandoning the raw and real. Neither is better than the other, and a great session is the perfect mix of both.

Say goodbye to stressful family sessions, underwhelming images, and wasted time. Instead, get ready for a seamless experience, plus photos you want to hang all over your walls – because they capture the heart of your family, and the beauty of the legacy that you’re building… and you all look amazing, too.

It’s so much more than taking pictures – it’s a celebration of the biggest treasures that life has to offer: loving, and being loved.

Get to know more about me or send me an inquiry. I’d be so honored to create some magic with your family in front of my lens!

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I'm a photographer and educator based in Boise, ID, where I live with my favorite guy ever and our two boys + two girls.

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