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La Jolla, CA Family Session | Adelaide’s First Birthday

January 28, 2015

When Amber and I were first messaging back and forth, we realized that we had a couple funny things in common (though we had never met). For instance, we shared the same wedding anniversary, including the year, and our daughters were both born in February (but different years). When we met up for our session, we realized the similarities didn’t end there. Both our husbands are really into home brewing, and our daughters were actually both born February 8th. So, crazy enough to already share an anniversary, a kid’s birthday, and a major hobby. And then, she called to her daughter, and I thought I was going crazy – her daughter’s name is Adelaide too! We have never met a single other Adelaide (especially one who isn’t nicknamed Addie), and have had enough people say they’ve never heard the name before, so that was quite a surprise to us! And quite confusing to me to be talking to a different Adelaide during the shoot! I never in a million years thought I would run into a family with so many random things in common with my own family. Hilarious, and so strange.

So, enjoy these photos of this precious Adelaide in celebration of her upcoming first birthday! And I will try to not flip out over the fact that my own Adelaide is about to turn THREE and my baby is officially a big girl.

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