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Hannah Mann

East County San Diego | My Parents’ House

May 12, 2015

I stayed with my parents a few weekends ago while Justin was out of town. It was just before their 29th anniversary and they had recently moved into a new home that is perfect for them as they transition from raising kids to being grandparents and parents of adult children. So, of course I couldn’t resist taking some photos of just the two of them in their new home. My family is not perfect – we’re all full of strong opinions that might be right or might be wrong, and we certainly know how to push each others’ buttons – but I cannot even begin to express my thankfulness for two parents who love God, each other, and their kids (and sons-in-law and grandchildren) so much. I don’t take it for granted at all. So many lose parents too early or come from a family that has given them less than enough love and support or is even incredibly broken. To have this mom and dad, for them to have given us the foundation they have to grow and go and make families of our own – I will always be incredibly and humbly grateful. It is by God’s grace in each of our lives, not our own efforts, and boy, do we know it. I hope you enjoy these photos of my parents in their home, with their grandkids, and in the place that represents love and comfort to them and their growing generations. 

{In the photos of Adelaide, she is wearing a dress that belonged to my mom as a little girl.}

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