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The Jarmans | Mission Trails Family Session

August 2, 2015

I met Brittany a few months ago when I began mentoring her in her own photography business. We had a fun amount of things in common, like each being the oldest of four girls, having little boys about the same age, and our taste in decorating (well, her house actually looks how I only wish mine could look, ha!). I am so glad I got the chance to photograph her sweet little family. I mean they all have great style and are all photogenic, but… just look at her little guy! Those eyes! Those baby blues are really that amazing and he was just a sweetheart. 

Here in San Diego we are still getting too many days in the upper 90s, and are in what is just about the only time of the year that we actually start to envy the weather in the rest of the country. I miss Pennsylvania falls every September and October! Of course when winter hits everywhere else and it’s in the 60s and 70s here we remember why we love it so much, but fall is our one sad season because for us it’s really the worst of summer. Why am I rambling about weather again..? Oh yes. Because this session really does look like fall. It’s not really fall here, but with my ac running and these snuggly and autumn-y photos, I can kind of believe it is. So break out that pumpkin spice latte/oatmeal/poptart/cookie butter/one of the hundreds of other pumpkin spice items in the grocery store right now, and enjoy this adorable family and some autumn-y scenes. 😉

{If you are interested in a mentoring session, I would love to talk to you! You could be a newer photographer, someone who is struggling with editing, or just someone who wants to really learn how to use their camera to take better photos of real life and has no intention of becoming a professional. I am and always will be still learning myself, but I know what it’s like to be new, lack confidence, or just struggle with where to find good information. The learning curve is so steep, and it is such a joy to me to do whatever I can to help others tackle any part of it. Get in touch if you’re hungry to learn!}

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