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February 16, 2018

Our family received some really big news recently: we are moving to Boise, Idaho! While it goes without saying that this is very bittersweet and we will miss so many people here, we are super excited for everything this means for our family and there is so, so much that we are looking forward to. We’ve spent time in Boise and totally love it there – despite the fact that I used to think it was just bitter cold and flat and filled with potatoes, it’s actually a super awesome city with tons of West Coast transplants, and it feels like such a good fit for us and our priorities at this stage of life.

Last Minute Sessions

Before we head out of town in mid March, I am trying to squeeze in just a few last minute sessions (mini or full). Partly because I just love you all and would love the chance to work with a few of you again (or for the first time!) before I’m 15 hours away, but also – I’ll be honest – this move means I’m going to be starting my business from scratch in a new city, and probably taking things slow as I help our family settle, and I’m going to MISS being behind the camera as often as I have been for so long now. I enjoy you all so much; I’d love to make a few last sessions work! If you’re interested, I’m just a text/call/email away. 🙂

Keep in mind – I WILL be back in town (hopefully at least once per year) and I am sure I’ll find time for a session here or there as we plan our travels. However, I have no idea what the future holds and I can’t think ahead to those trips yet, so now is the time if you want your family in front of my lens again!

Thank you all for being who you are and allowing me into your lives a little bit. I’ll still be doing business, still be in the same spaces online and in email, but I am going to miss being a photographer in sunny SoCal for all of you wonderful people. XOXO.

I had to include these sweet photos my sister helped me capture around Christmas. I love this family of mine and am so thankful for them!

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