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October 16, 2018

Sometimes I want to wait to blog images until I have something real to say to go along with them. As though the photos alone aren’t complete enough to share without something else. But more often than not, that just means I put off sharing. Because raising my own family means that my mind is full and it’s also really quite tired, and while writing is such a release for me and such a joy to do, it’s a little tough to sort through my thoughts and turn them into something pretty while my 18 month old is sitting on my lap and trying to get into everything on my desk (exactly what’s happening right now).

So as I can, I’ll keep writing. I hope it’s more often as the children grow, but right now they’re small and I can’t do all of it all the time and I’m okay with that. And the thing is, none of the photos I share even need my own words added to them, because they’re all stories of their own. You may not know the details, and often I only know some of them, but each is a unique tale of interwoven lives and love being given and received and mountains being climbed together. Sometimes just mountains of laundry, but mountains nonetheless. In the family, in loving relationships, is where some of the most sacred work you can ever participate in is being done. I hope you can always catch a glimpse of these stories, even when they are shared in photos alone.

These images are a mix of digital and Fuji 400h film.

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