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Beautiful girls’ dresses for photo sessions

March 17, 2022

Affordable girls dresses for photo sessions | Sourcing great photo session wardrobe pieces from Amazon!

I offer a sizable client wardrobe for all of the women, babies, and children that I work with – I love taking the stress of shopping off my clients’ plates, and saving them hours of time as well as up to hundreds of dollars on pieces that they may or may not use again.

It’s a bonus that I genuinely enjoy scouting for pieces that photograph beautifully. I am happy to invest in quality pieces for my wardrobe, but I also regularly incorporate great budget-friendly finds from stores that we’re all familiar with and can access easily. Personally, I have four children who grow like weeds and I tend to wrangle them into quick family photos multiple times per year, so there is no chance that I’ll be purchasing expensive items that they wear once for photos and have no interest in wearing again, or that are too delicate to be worn regularly.

Amazon can be overwhelming to dig through, and is not at all curated toward a certain aesthetic. But I’ve actually found some of my favorite children’s pieces there! Between Zara, Noralee, and Amazon, I can always find something I love for little girls.

In case you’re looking for some great pieces for your own children – photo session or not! – or your own client closet, I wanted to share a few of my favorite photo session dresses for little girls. I have several of these in my own client closet, and they are all simple and tasteful, beautifully photogenic, and very budget friendly.

Note that these dresses are all solid colors with textures that I love, like linen and gauze/muslin. Little girls can absolutely wear patterns at a session, but I find that have great solid options is very helpful. Often I am working with a patterned dress on mom, or with more than one little girl, so a solid is oftentimes essential. I also love that solids are simple, less distracting, and less trendy!

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1. This darling off-white pinafore style dress is a favorite in my client closet! The crochet sleeves are so summery, and the open back is perfect for showing off rolls on little toddler girls. It comes in multiple other colors as well – I love the coffee!

2. This summery linen dress is great in all of the available colors, though I don’t personally gravitate toward orange tones as much as I do the neutrals and gold. I’m planning to add this one to my own closet also.

3. This gauzy dress offers more coverage as girls get older and need more than a backless option. I love the texture of this material, and it could work in the cooler spring and fall seasons as well!

4. I’m always a fan of sage green, so the sweet color on this linen dress really caught my eye. I love the other options available at this link as well!

5. Dusty purple makes me think of summer lavender, and I actually really love it despite not being generally drawn to purple at all. I have a similar dress in this color in my client closet, and it goes beautifully with a floral women’s Nothing Fits But dress that is by far my most popular women’s option.

6. The color on this dress is lovely, but what I liked even more is how the back ties in such a cute bow! I love that the color is both rich and soft.

In my experience, ordering clothing from Amazon can be hit or miss, but is worth returning the occasional item. I would recommend ordering UP a size or two, since many of these run smaller than the sizing we’re used to. I would also recommend making sure that you have coordinating diaper covers, since nothing takes away from a cute little outfit like a diaper hanging out all over. I would be interested in trying these textured covers, but a simple cotton option like these (which I have in white) can work great as well.

There are sooo many more I could have added here, but I hope these can be a helpful starting point as the curating is done for you and you can spend less time scrolling and weeding through the ‘less than cute’ options. 😉

Happy shopping!

Photo of my very squirrely littlest in dress number one!

Want to skip the shopping altogether? I offer a complete wardrobe for women, children, and babies, so that you don’t have to purchase anything unless you’d like to. Take a look at my family & newborn session information, and send me an email for details!

Affordable girls dresses for photo sessions / by Hannah Mann, family photographer

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