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Amazon Roundup: Baby Girls

September 15, 2022

My favorite beautiful and affordable photoshoot outfits from Amazon!

I offer a sizable client wardrobe for all of the women, babies, and children that I work with – I love taking the stress of shopping off my clients’ plates, and saving them hours of time as well as up to hundreds of dollars on pieces that they may or may not use again.

It’s a bonus that I genuinely enjoy scouting for pieces that photograph beautifully. I am happy to invest in quality pieces for my wardrobe, but I also regularly incorporate great budget-friendly finds from stores that we’re all familiar with and can access easily. Personally, I have four children who grow like weeds and I tend to wrangle them into quick family photos multiple times per year, so there is no chance that I’ll be purchasing expensive items that they wear once for photos and have no interest in wearing again, or that are too delicate to be worn regularly.

Amazon can be overwhelming to dig through, and is not at all curated toward a certain aesthetic. But I’ve actually found some of my favorite children’s pieces there! Between Zara, Noralee, and Amazon, I can always find something I love for little ones.

In case you’re looking for some great pieces for your own children – photo session or not! – or your own client closet, I wanted to share a few of my favorite recent Amazon finds for babies. I have so many of these in my own client closet, and they are all a hit with my clients. They’re also great quality, and run close to true to size. Nothing is quite as consistent size-wise as some of our major brands, but nothing has been very far off. I just read reviews before purchasing and go off of that!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

1. One of my absolute favorites – I own this in multiple sizes! There is no version of it in off-white, so I simply used coffee to dye a couple of these to a warmer shade, and they now match perfectly with my women’s dresses from Nothing Fits But.

2. So similar to number one, but shorter sleeves. I also own it in purple!

3. Such a fun and sweet outfit, and this green shade is absolutely beautiful!

4. This little outfit is so perfect for summer or fall. The gingham is subtle enough to match with other patterns, but it keeps the tan shade from being too bland on a little girl. The headband is pretty worthless in my opinion but I didn’t need it anyway.

5. I don’t usually gravitate toward tulle, but I loved this blue shade and the tulle is subtle since it’s mixed with the muslin bodice. It includes another headband I don’t love, but moms love this option!

6. Simple and sweet, plus some really beautiful shades to mix it up!

Next up, I’ll be sharing boys items, older girls items, and my favorite accessories. I absolutely love the items I’ve been able to source from Amazon for my young clients! The photo below is of option three above paired with this client-favorite in ‘floral gauze’ from Nothing Fits But! 🙂

Want to skip the shopping altogether? I offer a complete wardrobe for women, children, and babies, so that you don’t have to purchase anything unless you’d like to. Take a look at my family & newborn session information, and send me an email for details!

Affordable girls dresses for photo sessions / by Hannah Mann, family photographer

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