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Hannah Mann

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November 23, 2022

Boise Studio Photographer // Natural light private studio by Hannah Mann

Most parents value photos while their children are very young, and changing before their eyes. But it seems that as soon as the changes become less sudden and visible, updated photos begin to fall lower on the priority list.

I understand, but I’m also here to help break that. I know firsthand how quickly my older children change year to year. Sure, I think they look the same as they did last year… maybe aside from another tooth falling out, or a little bigger shoe size. It’s not so jarring. Instead, it’s sneaky.

Because they are changing: become more fully themselves each day. Changing interests and hobbies and sense of humor. They’re taller, and sturdier, and more confident. And looking back at photos from a year ago, this all becomes strikingly clear.

Moms – motherhood sessions are not just for the little days. Yep, someday they won’t snuggle you and fit on your hip, and we’ll adapt as they grow, and it’s still just as beautiful. But don’t forget to document this stage too. Each year is over before we know it, so don’t discount the stage you’re in and the ache you’ll feel just as heavily for this one as you did for the baby years.

Film is processed by Photovision Prints, digital is The Archetype Process.

Parenting is a wild blend of magic and heartache and everything in between. It’s one of the most common human experiences, yet it never loses its power to transform a mother or father.

I am fully in love with documenting familyhood. I love planning luxurious, stunning sessions where my clients feel all of the beauty of the family they’ve created and know they get to preserve this stage at its very best. And I also love the raw and real, being invited into my clients’ homes and hearts to see them for exactly who they really are. Neither is better than the other – there’s a time and place for all of it, and it’s all a wonderful way to celebrate love.

I photograph families and newborns, and I’m based in Boise, Idaho but I’m happy to travel. If you want to know more about what I do and why I do it, you can read here or send me a message here. I’d be so honored to create some magic with your family in front of my lens!

P.S. If you’re a photographer looking for educational resources, I’ve got those too! Browse my free resources, sign up for my newsletter, or learn about how you can work with me.

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