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Family Photography Education | Instant Upgrade

May 9, 2023

Family Photography Education | Instant Upgrade by Hannah Mann

How do you create photos that stop someone’s scroll? In an over-saturated industry, it’s sadly not enough to simply create something pretty!

But leveling up your family photography isn’t complicated – I promise! And I’ve created a straightforward, easy-to-implement guide to help you do exactly that: meet Instant Upgrade! In this guide, I have outlined multiple straightforward changes that you can make in your very next session, that will instantly improve your work.

Family Photography Education | Instant Upgrade by Hannah Mann

This is not a comprehensive posing guide (that’s coming later this year). This IS a super digestible set of lessons that will take very little time to work through and that will be easy to implement today – while still delivering big impact! I designed this to be accessible to all photographers even when a big investment is not currently in the cards, and to get you real progress now, not to waste your time with fluff or creative musings that don’t provide you with anything useful.

To sum it all up: this guide won’t waste your time or money, but it will majorly upgrade your photography today!

Truth: the only thing standing between you and a big improvement in your work is understanding what to adjust. And that’s why I’ve outlined my favorite practical adjustments for you. It’s tangible, and simple, and I promise that you can do this – and that it will pay off!

If you implement what I teach in this guide, your work WILL be better for it. And better work gets you more clients and enables you to raise prices.

What I suggest? Up your session prices by the cost of this guide (or more), since your work will be better for it. That means you’ve paid for this guide in one session, and you’ll earn your investment back over and over and over again. 🙂

This guide is intended for family photographers of any level of experience who want a clear outline of real changes to make to improve their work and final galleries. It is suitable for any style of family photography (including motherhood and newborns), and for both film and digital shooters!

Bonus: In addition to the 25 page pdf, I have included a free cheat sheet for you to reference during your sessions, so that you’re never worried about forgetting to implement your upgrades! Save it to your phone, or even use it as your lock screen while you shoot, so that you can take a quick glance and stay on track.

Click here to purchase. I’d love to hear from you about how this changes the game for you!

From past customers:

“I can spot Hannah’s work immediately when I’m scrolling Instagram. Not only is it her dreamy film tones that stop me in my scroll, but it’s the story behind the image(s) that does. No photo is the same, but yet they all have the same feeling of connection in an honest way. Her work showcases the stories we all want to be able tell for our clients, and lucky for us, her Instant Upgrade guide teaches very easy actionable steps to be a more intentional photographer. This isn’t a guide full of prompts and poses, but things to do to elevate your session so that you don’t find yourself burnt out after doing the same thing over and over again. I love that Hannah gives us permission to be the artist we are meant to be and guides us how to draw that out in ourselves!” – Courtney H.

“I’ve purchased a few items from Hannah’s online photography education shop and have absolutely been blown away! It can be a gamble to invest in photography education because so many educators just do it to make money, but Hannah truly cares about her students’ experience. I’ve learned so much from her Instant Upgrade and Connect & Convert! If you’re on the fence, know that Hannah’s offerings have made a true difference in the quality of service I give my clients. Absolute game changers for my business!” – Ashley N.

“OMG Hannah!!!! I just purchased the Instant Upgrade and immediately when I read Upgrade #1, I was blown away!!!! I said to myself, wow! This new resource is GOLD!!! I was hesitant on making this purchase… but after just reading upgrade #1, I’m already sooo content with my purchase!!” – Ling W.

“Hi! I just purchased Instant Upgrade and absolutely love it! I can’t wait until my next session to try some of your suggestions and see how it turns out! Thank you for a guide that is actually actionable instead of just a lot of fluff!”

“Just bought your guide and OMG I’m only a few pages in and this is LITERAL GOLD. It makes so much sense and I feel like a light bulb just clicked for me. SO PUMPED and cannot wait for the posing guide too… So grateful!”

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Family Photography Education | Instant Upgrade by Hannah Mann

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