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Boise Elopement Photographer

February 23, 2021

Hannah Mann // Boise elopement photographer

This summer, I photographed this lovely couple whose wedding plans were altered (along with countless others) by covid. Though so many have lost so much over this past year – whether it is income, or loved ones, or plans for the future, etc. – the wedding industry has thankfully been able to adapt so well. I would never minimize the loss of wedding plans and the ability to celebrate with all the friends and loved ones that should have been there, but there is a silver lining: weddings became more focused than they have been in a very, very long time on celebrating, simply, marriage.

There is a quiet and powerful beauty to making such important vows before a handful of the most important people only, and to celebrating in a simple way. And while I hope that each couple who had to alter or postpone wonderful plans has the chance to make up for it soon, I hope even more that those who married despite the challenges of this past year have some unique and wonderful memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Film is all Fuji 400h processed by Photovision Prints , digital is The Archetype Process.

Boise Elopement Photographer

Timeless and beautiful wedding photos are an investment that give back for decades to come. If you love romantic images that will stand the test of time, send me a note and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours. I would love to discuss photographing your special day!

In the meantime, browse my portfolio to see more of what I offer, or read a little about me to learn about why I believe so strongly in what I do. Thanks for stopping by!

Hannah Mann // Boise Wedding Photographer

Hybrid Film Photographer, serving Idaho’s Treasure Valley

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