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Family Photos in the Boise Mountains

April 6, 2024

Family Photos in the Boise Mountains // Boise mountain family session by Hannah Mann

I met this family when I photographed their third little one (and only daughter) as a newborn. I liked them instantly! Since then, we’ve each added fourth babies to our families (just weeks apart), and they brought to fruition their long-held dream of trading city life for a mountain homestead.

I love every session with this family, but this was my favorite yet – there is simply nothing that beats photographing a family on their own gorgeous property. I also had a student along with me who had traveled all the way from Minnesota for some hands-on education, and we drove the winding mountain drive together and chatted all things business, motherhood, and life. It was as perfect as it gets!

The one snag we hit was that heavy wildfire smoke settled in our region that afternoon, and our beautiful sunny day turned rather dark and hazy. Though we’d planned to begin photos plenty early since the light disappears earlier in the mountains, the smoke worked against us and we had less shooting time than we’d hoped. Really, it ended up being just fine and hardly worth noting, but next time I’m hoping for sunshine streaming through the pine trees because it’s simply dreamy.

If you have property you’d like to shoot on, I can’t recommend it strongly enough for your session! I’ve had the privilege of photographing at many private properties, from farms to homesteads to lake houses, and it always adds something extra special to the photos when a space holds meaning to a family.

Wardrobe notes: I styled this family’s outfits (which I love doing!). Mom’s yellow dress is from Free People, and her white dress is part of my client closet. The children’s clothes are all available in my client closet as well. Everyone who books a full session with me gets free access to my wardrobe, which includes dozens and dozens of gorgeous options for women, children, and babies. I’ve curated this intentionally over time so that busy mothers of all stages have flattering, stylish options that photograph beautifully, at no additional cost. I save families who use my wardrobe hours of time shopping and hundreds of dollars on unnecessary new clothes. After booking a session with me, clients can set up a private wardrobe appointment to try on clothing, and I also work with any pieces my clients own and want to use as well. This service is wonderful, and also always optional.

Family Photos in the Boise Mountains // Boise mountain family session by Hannah Mann

I’m Hannah. I’m a photographer and educator based in Boise, Idaho, where I live with my favorite guy ever and our four little ones.

I’m obsessed with photographing families and celebrating the legacy that they are building – the one that is more important than anything else they will ever build in this life. I love capturing my clients at their beautiful best, yet never abandoning the raw and real. Neither is better than the other, and a great session is the perfect mix of both.

Say goodbye to stressful family sessions, underwhelming images, and wasted time. Instead, get ready for a seamless experience, plus photos you want to hang all over your walls – because they capture the heart of your family, and the beauty of the legacy that you’re building… and you all look amazing, too.

It’s so much more than taking pictures – it’s a celebration of the biggest treasures that life has to offer: loving, and being loved.

Get to know more about me or send me an inquiry. I’d be so honored to create some magic with your family in front of my lens!

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I'm a photographer and educator based in Boise, ID, where I live with my favorite guy ever and our two boys + two girls.

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