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Wedding Photographer, Boise ID | Boise Foothills

February 6, 2020

Wedding Photographer Boise, Idaho

Featured in Rocky Mountain Bride

I can’t imagine a more perfect time of year than the time just between summer and autumn. I planned this styled shoot in September in just two weeks, because I felt the air beginning to chill and saw the leaves starting to change and knew that my time in the beauty of nature was very limited until spring.

With such a short timeline (truly, everything came together in under two weeks!), I was keeping my expectations low and really focusing on putting together something that was simply fun for me and a way to connect with some other local vendors. My expectations, however, were completely blown away!

While I did gather some inspiration photos and put together a color scheme, the short timeline meant that I also left a lot up to the other vendors. I told everyone that I wanted to capture that in-between season of summer and autumn, and gave them a color scheme and a photo of the gown and suit. And everything else was the magic of talented people doing what they do so well!

I cannot recommend each of these vendors enough. Their skills and willingness to jump on board with me when I had two weeks and very simple ideas left me so wonderfully impressed. If I were planning my own wedding again today, I can’t imagine a better dessert bar, more beautiful flowers, or dreamier gown!

Film Lab: PhotoVision
Flowers: Lae Event Floral
Gown: Kate’s Bridal Cottage
Makeup: Kayla Bridgewater
Cake: Heidi Cake Co.
Donuts: Guru Donuts

Timeless and beautiful wedding photos are an investment that give back for decades to come. If you love romantic images that will stand the test of time, send me a note and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours. In the meantime, browse my portfolio to see more of what I offer, or read a little about me to learn about why I believe so strongly in what I do. Thanks for stopping by!

Wedding Photographer, Boise ID // Hannah Mann

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